Why start writing a blog...NOW?


2 min read

Well...heard or read this line, "you should start writing a blog..." since I was the 1st year student in university. The most significant barrier is the "great procrastination." Like this is "important for sure!" but you know, "not that important...for today..."

Sunrise when looking out from my dorm's balcony in university (pic | Sunrise when looking out from my dorm's balcony in university)

Many years flew thru my life - school...learning...lab...intern...working, like a fast-forward movie if I paused and closed my eyes for a bit. I have been writing diaries for 8 years, not a must-do for a day. But I always like to write some lines when closing my day.

I didn't start a blog or hate it? Perhaps I thought this will be a work, not a personal like-to as the diary. RIght, I hope if I wrote some in public, I could receive readings, likes, comments... But for diary, come on... do what I like.

Part of my thought could be wrong, at least. The blog could be regarded as my other personal world. You write if you like, vice versa. No one will assign you something to write...no bonus or promotion you should care about...for comments, take it just.

The first thing should be the "I am willing to do it (here blog) no matter what I will get." So I think, now perhaps a good or comfortable time? Hh, to start writing some!