What Do I Expect for 2022 as a Developer

What Do I Expect for 2022 as a Developer


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Time flies. I didn't expect that I could work from home for the whole past 2021. While I spent most of my time in my "cell" room in the building, I have two desks set up with laptops for working and personal usage. So I switched between them for the daytime working and nighttime personal learning or reading.


I looked out the window for the day and night when the weather varies. Sometimes I even imagined it was just a virtual scene generated and rendered by some powerful computing units. My work, family, and friends were mostly connected by the wifi signal while the buildings, pedestrians, and their lives out of window stayed there with their own paces. Seems like we had some connection, or maybe not.

2021 is an alone year compared to the years I studied in schools with my classmates or the years I could hear typing and see my colleagues. But 2021 is not a lonely feeling year while I tried to fill my curiosity and eagerness for the rest of the world with documentaries, books, and audio programs. I knew, even if there wasn't a pandemic, I couldn't have the time and money to visit these places or experience these stories all by myself. I tried to feel and think what it would be like when I was watching or listening to. When the borders between the live world and the "virtual" world from the information or even imagination are getting blurred, I felt it was not crucial to judge whether it is so-called real or not. More focus and interests started to turn into and keep growing in my heart and mind.

Perhaps as the initial point of my expectation for 2022, I hope I could keep this "treasure" from 2021 into 2022. Very often in the past, I cared about too much what I have or not and what the outside world is going on while missing some imagination like a kid and some time to care about what I am thinking and feeling right at the moment.

No matter if I need to go back daily commuting life in 2022, I expect that I could keep this focus more into my heart and mind while the scene will be moving and people will be busy on their life paths. I realized that the codes or logics I typed were like a mini world structured together "not too badly" and running at its own pace. My thoughts became a part of them. But myself is more like a scene out of the laptop screen for the view of code.

Observing the things, everything, in a double-direction, so from me to them and reverse.

I expect that with the enriched feeling and gathered focus toward self could help me observe the things out of myself better and clearer. Perhaps I could better find some logic in how they went. Or a bit stretching goal, I could have an "oh...right" earlier when the patterns showed from them.