2 Fact and 1 Lie – About Me

2 Fact and 1 Lie – About Me

This is a game question. Perhaps you also met it when you onboarded a new team or just an ice breaker for meeting new people.

I think no doubt everyone could pause for a while to search in our life logs to find some content for this question which we will less think about in our daily life. But it was much fun to read them after I wrote them down in the original email. Memories, where I came from, and what are the dots in my life path bringing me here till now…

Shared them here, perhaps just one picture of my life journey.

I learned German earlier than learning Java

C++ was the language used in my undergraduate program for teaching OOP…(a bit years…perhaps we could see here 😀) During the study life in Germany, besides C, most programming languages were used in the academic way… So Matlab, and “strange cool one” Prolog. I didn’t meet and use them after I left school. Sometimes, I kind of missed and recalled the lab time when I was trying to figure out the matrix computation mapped for images.

So why do we learn or even need these languages if we didn’t use it as a developer? My answer is – the language is a way of expression while the logic behind solving problems are the things not changing.

For German learning, I spent my beautiful first learning-abroad year in Nuremberg to learn German. Here the beautiful is for this historical european town and the beautiful for the worryless time to just learn the language and culture with bunch of classmates from around the world… Finally, I started my engineering learning in UofT – yeah! time for Java!

image.png (credit: the street corner looking out of my balcony in the town)

So this is a Fact.

My favorite TV series is The Big Bang Theory

I remembered the Big Bang Theory got quite popular in our undergraduate learning time. Perhaps especially for us science or engineering students, we just see sometimes how “nerdy” we are thinking and dealing with the problems and life issues. But hold on hmm.. this is not my favorite :) This is a Lie.

image.png (credit: IMDB)

My favourite series actually is Fresh Off the Boat (starring by Constance Wu and Randall Park…you may already see Randal in WondaVision as the FBI agant ;)

The general storyline is about how an Asian immigrant family was moving to Orlando and starting their small business in the beautiful 90s, culture shocks, even conflicts, then balancing and merging… challenges for kids in school and making new friends…

many laugh-out-of-my-tear scenarios. but got the shared feeling for everyone starting a new life and going to a new place.

I Can Ride a Horse

Based on the climate and history, my hometown has a nomadic culture. but till my generation, I only can ride the horse in a more “tourist” way 🎠. When I watched the movies in which people are riding their horses, either about war, nomadic life, western America, I always imagined and tried to feel… will be wind over face side, will be landscape passing by, will be a mind with direction for certain, will be a day filled with road and moonlight thru night.

Yes, this is also a Fact.