Route to Be A Machine Learning Engineer


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To be a Machine Learning Engineer seems to be a closed decision for some time, but still new for me when reaching the step to attend online competitions from Kaggle and start building my writings.


let's be Kaggle connections for competition perhaps ๐Ÿš€

Bad Procrastination ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Procrastination could be one of the "problem-sponsor" as I have a pretty satisfying job (also a bit busy sometimes). Like "well...perhaps try that competition..start writing something...after finishing the stuff on hands". Will this lead to the "one day" or "never" perhaps?

I like listening to some audiobooks while making my quick work lunch or perhaps doing 15 or 20mins house chores (clean kitchen, throw my laundry into the washer, etc.) I had no clear targets but tried finding something interesting or like, "hmm...perhaps I need to check this".

Then I met this book...


The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

You perhaps can't believe that a whole book could be written to talk about the resistance -- the mysterious power which keeps delaying/stopping us from doing the things essential for us to in the long term.

Try this audible book! A seems nonsense book name but not boring at all with the author's storytelling by his own voice.

It's actually quite weird when I realized this

Resistance tends to be bigger when the thing is more important to us, no matter like you need to start workout to reduce weights to keep healthy or you need to think about your career for a place you really want to go

Nothing can't be realized if you only think about it but never CODE/DO it right!

Learning Enough, But Not Too Much ๐Ÿ“š

Nerd could be a good thing if you committed yourself fully to something you love, like running, coding, even gaming (you could have a lot of fans by your amazing gaming videos for sure). The point is that you keep focusing on it, resolve problems you meet, and figure out ways to improve inch by inch and day by day.

Some curves you could expect like: image.png

But the bad side is "nerdy in your comfort zone." We spent many late nights fighting for "tons of" review materials and exams for school or University. We passed and got the degree. Perhaps another one or two in the following. We could somehow forget one of the real goals of learning is to SOLVING REAL PROBLEMS.

At least for me, I stayed at University for a bit longer due to several years as a research student in Germany.


Handed out my final work

I never felt I was fully prepared and learned enough for a career back to these days. That's true. Believe we never could know and understand well enough for everything in our short lifetime.

So what is the point of "Learn Enough"?

We never could learn enough for all, but possible enough for working on a specific problem, especially when these problems could be arranged into order, like from simple to complex or from important to less important.

Then working on the problem. Pretty sure we will meet questions and points like "ugh...I think I need to check books about this". Then we go back to learning to resolve them, and again enough for hands on the solution...

Iteration/Loop/Sprint (name it as we want) for solving a problem

A Practical Way ๐Ÿ‘ทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

As for being a Machine Learning Engineer (or your goals), nothing but a practical one will lead us nearer to it.

Start your work and momentum after kicking procrastination out and find an iterative way of learning -> solving problems -> learning. These are your step-by-step.